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  Even More
Artist: Anthony Evans 
Label: Epic/INO
Length: 13/49:41

Anthony Evans has a legacy to follow: his father is Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of a 7000+ congregation in Dallas, and a widely known speaker who has appeared at Promise Keepers, and on the radio show “Urban Alternative”.  Obviously, Evans, Sr. has the ability to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Does his son?  On Even More, Anthony Evans shows an undeniable ability to sing r& b styled gospel tunes.  He cashes in on old associations: Kirk Franklin, who Evans has sung backup for, provides the backup vocals on “Unity (We Stand)”. Franklin also serves as one of the five producers for the CD, which may give explanation as to why this album seems overproduced (“too many

Evans has talent, period.  Even More is designed to cross over to fans of Michael W. Smith, Andrae Crouch, and Steven Curtis Chapman, but I believe that ambition will fall short of its target.  If you are a fan of “modern gospel” music though, Anthony Evans will be right up your alley.  I will content myself with George Rowe’s album ­ it has more for a variety of demographics that Even More.

Brian A. Smith
8 May 2004


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