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  Secrets (EP)
Artist: All Access 
Label: Moving in Stereo Productions
Length:  3/11:52

Give All Access credit for one thing: they know how to keep a fan base engaged.  Secrets is the third item of theirs I’ve reviewed since April.  Ironically, though, it is the second EP of theirs with the same title.  Are they releasing an album one song at a time?  Is this a marketing ploy, or do they think fans aren’t paying attention?

Songs “Baby” and “Frying Tonight” were also present on the first Secrets EP, so I’ll refer you to the other review for information (link here).  The new song, “New Fixation”, has a fuzzy guitar lead with vocal harmonies that make me think of Smashing Pumpkins with a punk emphasis, if Smashing Pumpkins had had a better vocalist.

 If you combine the two Secrets EPs with All Access’ single form a few months ago, “A Million Miles,” you’d have almost enough material to fill an album.  Hopefully, these songs won’t be lost to the archivists when the group does come out with a full length disc.

Brian A. Smith
17 October 2004


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