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  The Honeymoon EP
Artist: Andrew Bryant
Label: Independent
Length: 5 tracks, 12:56

Toiling away in the local music scene can be a frustrating thing, but Andrew Bryant and his band Never Cry Wolf always seemed to stick out from the rest of the Memphis scene. Now Never Cry Wolf has dissolved and Andrew has moved on as a solo artist. The Honeymoon EP is the first sign of the good things to come from Bryant.

Never Cry Wolf always drew comparisons to Pedro the Lion and no doubt Bryant's solo stuff will as well. This is in large part due to the similar voice that Bryant bares, the simple heartfelt melodies, and the semi-depressed nature of the lyrics. On this disc I was glad to see that all of the songs are acoustic guitar-driven. The stripped down music provides a solid platform for this ode to lost love.

The song that sticks out the most at first listen is "Mirror, Mirror" (which also has an acoustic version included at the end of the EP). The real gems here, however, are probably "Honeymoon" and "I Didn't Miss Her." The former finds Bryant pleading, "What about our honeymoon?" The latter finds the artist trying to convince himself that "I didn't miss her." Despite these false assurances, it's obvious he did.

With his first EP, Andrew Bryant makes it very apparent that he has some great stuff coming in the future. I can't wait to see a full-length.

Trae Cadenhead  5/24/2004



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