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The Rock Cries Out: Finding Eternal Truth in Unlikely Music
Author: Steve Stockman
Publisher: Relevant Books

Where can you go to discover eternal truth? Some people find the solitude of an empty cathedral to be quite conducive to their search. Others search through the religious writings of the early church fathers to be their guide, while others still just go to their local book store or library. Author Steve Stockman discovers  glimpses of eternal truth in an unlikely place, he finds it in rock n roll. Mind you, he doesn't find it in the stuff that is coming out of Nashville under the guise of contemporary Christian music. Our man Steve finds truth in the writings of such artists as Tom Waits, George Harrison, Ani DiFranco, Bob Marley and others.

Steve Stockman is a Presbyterian minister who is a chaplain at Queen's University in Belfast. He is also a radio disc jockey with a long standing program on BBC Radio Ulster as well as the author of a best selling book on the Irish band U2.  Between being on the radio and dealing with the lives of college students, Steve is a man who has his finger on the pulse of art and culture as it relates to the Christian faith.

During the course of the book Steve investigates the writings of twelve of the most important rock artists of the past forty years. Each artist is given a full chapter and their work is thoroughly searched for glimpses of eternal truth as seen from a biblical perspective. Although none of the artists discussed makes any claims to being associated to mainstream Christianity, still biblical truths abound in their music if one just takes the time to search and listen for it. Again, this is not the happy sappy ccm drivel that can be heard on most Christian radio stations.  The music of artists like Kurt Cobain, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, David Gray and of course "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen has changed forever the way we look at
modern music and how it impacts our culture. 

The stories on each of the twelve artists discussed reveal men and women with a heart to change for the better, through music, the culture in which they lived and in some cases died. Some of those discussed like Hill and Radiohead are relatively speaking still the new kids on the block while others like Dylan and Springsteen are true veterans of the art form. All of them though are singers whose music cries out to be heard and paid attention to. 

Get this book, read it and then go out and listen to some really good rock n roll music!

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 


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