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I Love You unconditionally…on One Condition: Everyday Choices for an Extraordinary Marriage 
Author: Joey O’Connor 
Publisher: Revell 
Length: 253 pages 

The always-popular topic of marriage is the subject of this title from Joey O’Connor.   Either a blessing and bane—generally depending on the week— to countless hitched couples, myriad books have been written in an attempt to help these couples have a more solid grasp on this trickiest of institutions.  Boldly going where so many pundits have gone before, Southern California pastor and marriage counselor O’Connor gives us his advice on love, marriage, and getting along in I Love You Unconditionally…on One Condition

This book is written with an obvious Christian audience in mind.  It is filled with all of the Christospeak that evangelical readers have come to expect from the plethora of inspirational tomes in the market today.  For his subject matter, O’Connor chooses to dwell on that famous chapter read at 99.9 percent of weddings reaching back to the dawn of time: I Corinthians 13.  As most Christians know, I Corinthians is the “love chapter.”  A fitting, if obvious, choice for a centerpiece theme, the author successfully brings fresh perspectives on old insights. 

As evidenced by the book title, this text focuses on the subject of unconditional love and how many marriages are all about love on a conditional basis.  O’Connor continually reminds the reader of God's unconditional love for us and how married people should seek this perspective in their dealings with each other.  He addresses issues that all couples face such as anger, lack of patience, and that scariest of all character flaws: jealousy.  To each problem area, O’Connor offers simple, Bible-based solutions to these quandaries. 

One of the more appealing aspects of this book is that O’Connor does not sugarcoat his opinions to the point of blandness.  Sure, he has to keep from being too blunt as to not offend a certain portion of his audience, but he conveys the truth with an surprising frankness.  

Although his writing style is not extraordinary, the author has a good knack for verbalizing his opinions and he has an accessible aspect to his delivery.  He also loads his book with a variety of practical, entertaining anecdotes from his life as well as from that of his friends. 

I have to say as a recently married individual I learned some good points from this book. I Love You Unconditionally…on One Condition is good, practical reading for married Christians seeking some fresh perspectives in their marriage.  

Noel Lloyd 4/12/04 



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