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Double Vision
Author: Randall Ingermanson 
Publisher: Bethany House 
Pages: 331 

Do you do any on-line shopping or pay any bills on-line?  Do you check on any of your checking or savings accounts on-line?  If you do any of these, or any other financial transactions on-line then you rely on standard public-key encryption to keep your data private.  Imagine that a software company has figured out how to crack that encryption.  No on-line data would be safe.  In this novel, a software company has done just that.  They have figured out how to do it and are working on producing a working prototype of a quantum computer that can do it.  The only problem is that someone outside the company knows that they are working on it and whoever it is, is willing to do anything to get a hold of this technology.  This novel describes the twists and turns that the members of that startup company go through in order to fight for their technology.

Randy Ingermanson is a physicist, writer, and computer geek who lives in San Diego.  He has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from U.C. Berkeley. Though not well known to the masses, he has written over half a dozen different books (not including this one) and received a number of awards for his novels, including two Christy Awards. According to his website, his books are character oriented, but don't always have a science backdrop. 

Ingermanson is clearly one of the best, if not the best sci-fi thriller writer in Christian books today.  This book is full of suspense and one of the most thrilling books of recent memory.  There is a great deal of science in this book and not all of it will be understandable to every reader. The readers who don't understand the science in this book, can just skim these parts without missing too much in the story.  Those who do understand the science in this story will find it absolutely fascinating.  

This book has countless twists and turns and cliffhangers.  Just when the reader thinks they have figured out who is behind everything, they are proven wrong, and the final reveal will shock almost every reader.  This is one of those books that draws you in and makes you want to finish it as quickly as possible to see what is going to happen.  The characters are quite enjoyable, especially the character of Dillon Richard (no, his first and last name are not reversed, his first name is in fact Dillon) and Keryn Wills.  Dillon is a computer programmer at the company and Keryn helps with the finances.  Keryn is also a novelist with several novels to her credit and another one in the works.  Rachel Meyers is a young biophysicist who acts as an almost foil to Keryn, and the other player in the love triangle that involves Dillon and Keryn.

This book is a must-read for fans of suspenseful thrillers.  It is easily one of the most enjoyable novels of recent memory and the twists and turns will surprise readers and keep them drawn in until the very end.

Burton Wray October 18, 2004


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