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Marriage Under Fire - Why We Must Win This War 
Author: Dr James Dobson, Focus on the Family
Publisher: Multnomah Publishers
Length: 123 pages

One of the biggest issues concerning Christians all across the country right now is gay marriage.  One of the Christian organizations at the forefront of the fight against gay marriage is Focus on the Family, headed by Dr. James Dobson.  On his radio show and in his letters to his supporters, he has explained why Focus on the Family has the stand that they do on the issue.

Marriage Under Fire is a short book that seems to have been written as a primer on the issue of gay marriage so that believers across the country have an aid in understanding this important issue.  The main portion of the book is a quick read, coming in at 93 pages.  Even the average reader should be able to finish this in under two hours.

The book examines the impact of legal gay marriage in foreign countries such as Scandinavia and Denmark , the importance of the male/female relationship, and the reality that neither sex is entirely comfortable without the other.  Dobson makes the point that "successful marriages serve to 'civilize' and domesticate masculinity, which is not only in the best interests of women, but is vital for the protection and welfare of the next generation."  He also states that "conversely, a woman typically has deep longings that can only be satisfied through a romantic long-term relationship with a man."

Dobson also spends an entire chapter looking at how the United States got to the point where it is now, {when} gay marriage is even an issue.  He even compares the lack of a response by the American church to this issue {with} the lack of response by Neville Chamberlain to the threat of Hitler.  One of the issues that he reinforces is how recent events show how little Congress thinks of the traditional American family. His first major example of this is the marriage tax penalty, which taxed traditional marriages at a higher rate than those who simply {cohabited.  Thankfully,} the Bush administration dealt with this in 2001 and Congress is looking at making this tax cut permanent. In examining how our nation got to the point we are at, Dr. Dobson mentions the advent of no-fault divorces and the increase of {cohabitation.}

In the third chapter, the author gives eleven reasons why Christians must win the battle against gay marriage.  He examines how it will {affect family, the} adoption process, social security, the health care system, religious freedom, and ultimately the body of Christ.

Throughout the rest of the book the author not only examines how Christians can win this war, but also offers a list of frequently asked questions about the issue.  He also offers several templates for letters that can be written to the editors of local newspapers.

Most of this book felt like it could use more meat to {it;} it just seemed too short.  Some readers will be wishing that Dobson had spent more time on the various issues that this book presents, for {example,} looking at how homosexual relationships {affected} previous civilizations.  {However,} as a {primer,} this book is invaluable.

While some may wish for a book with more depth, this book serves quite well as a short primer instructing Christians on the issue of gay marriage.

Burton Wray July 17, 2004 



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