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Artist: Xd Out
Label: Reel Musik Records
Time: 14 tracks/55:20 min.

On the underground rock scene, there are an increasing number of bands using Christianity and a positive message to build a fan base, only to pull the switch when they become popular on the secular circuit.  In the midst of this is Xd Out, bringing back the gospel-laced approach to hard music.

Often in cases where bands take this angle, the musicianship is compromised, but with Josh, Chris (who are brothers), and Len of Xd Out, this is not true.  With unique, powerful vocals, strong hints at Alice in Chains, and even a slight rap-rock influence in track eleven a la Snuff the Punk era P.O.D., Xd Out is set to become a band for the Christian-music history books.

The lyrical direction seems uncompromising, with direct references to God and the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the album.  Particular gems on this album include "Hallelujah," "Salvation," and "Praise."  Awakening is destined to live up to its name and awaken the hearts of all who hear it, saved or unsaved.

Ryan Little 09/04/03


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