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Endless Possibilities
Artist: Bishop Shammah Womack 
Label: Shammah Records

Bishop Shammah Mar Joshua Womack, "The Priest of Increase," the "Blessor Professor," and the "Dollar Scholar" has taken time from his busy life as pastor of the Embassy of Light, the Church of Light, and the_ Christian Bible Center Family Church; president of the Christian Bible Institute and Seminary; and head naturopath of the Chapel of Miracles and Wellness Center to record an album.

The three selections on the advance preview, "Endless Possibilities," "The Money Dance," and "Be My One & Only," make it clear that this album will be appreciated by frequenters of any of these institutions. The artwork is geared to anyone who enjoys the sight of money wallpaper and champagne coolers overflowing with crisp, cool cash.

While the love of money is not encouraged by this album, it is certainly implied, making it a dangerous project for anyone trying to avoid the root of all evil.

Linda LaFianza 8/10/2003

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