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Something You Can't Find
Artist: Tom Wehrle
Label: Espy Records
Length: 14/69:06

Newcomer Tom Wehrle is searching - the subjects of his songs are looking for many things - recongition, friendship, self-esteem, closure, understanding, fulfillment, and grace.    Mixing Britsih pop influences with American adult alternative flavors, Something You Can't Find might be something you should find. 

"You Don't Know" deals with popularity and with wanting to fit in, while struggling with issues no one can see.  It features a kazoo chorus that is reminiscent of Huddle.  "Something Isn't Right" has a toad the wet sprocket feel lyrically.  "Finding Ourselves" combines the sounds of Ben Folds with Caedmon's Call.  "6 & 1/2 the Other" is about trying to understand another's point of view:

 I don't know why so please stand by
 Or let me lie but I can't deny
 That I'm confused over you
 It's getting late and I can't communicate like this
 Or comprehend what we're saying to one another
 'Cause it's always six and one half the other
"Just a Boy" is a travel song, starting in New York and ending in Los Angeles. Admitting one's mistakes and dealing with being wrong is the subject of "Moving On".  "Getting There" illustrates the journey we all take in life: 
It's all about getting there
It's all about belief
It's all about fine lines and land mines and crawling on your knees
It's all wrapped up in wonder
It's all a simple prayer
It's all about learning to follow our hunger
It's all about getting there
Something You Can't Find is a promising debut for Wehrle.  If he was looking for a positive review, he has found it here.

Brian A. Smith   6 May 2003


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