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  Wisdom’s Cry
Artist:  Wisdom’s Cry
Label:  Mission House Music Group
Length:  10 Tracks/36:47

Wisdom Cry (not to be confused with Wisdom Call-metal spin off band of Narnia) is a vocal trio featuring siblings Bekah and Caleb along with Jessica (no surnames given).  Their initial CD offering is a pleasant mix of ballads and contemporary hit radio pop nuggets that are pleasing to the CCM palette.  These young folks sing and harmonize individually and together for an enjoyable combination of slower to mid tempo cuts.  The production is clean and uncluttered and allows the vocals of the trio to be showcased (although there are a few '80s/'90s production sounds that detract a bit from the mix).

Standout cuts:  Soaring vocal harmonies are featured on  “Falling” along with a nice piano riff. “For This He Died” is a nice ballad featuring Caleb singing.  “Undeniably Blessed” features a smooth beat, good vocals and a tad of funkiness thrown in for fun.  “You” is an acoustic guitar-based, interesting flamenco style and percussion.  “Season’s Change” features a nice melody/hook and a tasty guitar solo.  The lyrics are standard dedication/praise variety-not over challenging or original but fitting for this genre.

Recommended for folks who enjoy Christian Pop radio and smooth vocal harmonies-this is a good debut for Wisdom’s Cry.  Most of these cuts could be featured during Sunday morning worship, sung by your favorite special music singer.  Or hey, why not just invite Wisdom Cry to join you for a concert?

Barry Nothstine  10/29/2003


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