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Artist: Verbs
Label: Gotee Records
Length: 12 tracks/43:15 minutes

In June, Gotee Records released the highly anticipated album Unlocked by Verbs (f.k.a. Knowdaverbs). As always, Verbs puts a little bit of a different spin to rap music.

Verbs always tends to add a bit more fullness to the music with extra instruments popping up frequently and singing (usually a female vocalist) added in with the rapping to add some more flavor to the mix. It also uses guest rappers on tracks such as “Can You Hear Me?” to have a number of different voices on one track.

Musically, as previously mentioned, Verbs throws in a few different instruments (or at least it sounds like they are being played, it may just be keyboards being set to sound like them). At times you get the sounds of horns, string instruments, synthesizers, and more. It is a nice change from other albums with just a repeating drum machine behind a rapping artist.

This album also shines rather bright lyrically as well, as Verbs really does know how to write some good songs. The album discusses a number of different issues from being careful about relationships (“Love Triangle”) to talking about what happened just before, during, and just after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, “The Before and After.”

Overall, this is definitely a great and enjoyable album. If you enjoy rap music, I definitely recommend Verbs to you. 

Josh McConnell  08/30/03

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