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Misery Loves Harmony
Artist: The Vegas Nerve
Label: Cosmic Jukebox Records
Length: 13/60:29

The Vegas Nerve approach life tongue in cheek.  Misery Loves Harmony is a mixture of straight ahead rock and guitar soloes mixed with a Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker sensibility with a soupcon of Replacements thrown in just so you don't become complacent.

"CK Jeans" is about seeing that girl in a club and falling into instant lust.  "Rock Songs" is a wry commentary about the Nerve's chosen profession:

I'll tell you how it's done.
It works for anyone
You let your emotions 
Get it in motion
And then you take your pen and 
something to write in;
and then you grab your guitar
and now you're a rock star.
Anyone can write songs...
It's not War and Peace, or even Bob Dylan, but man, it's fun.

"I Can't Help it if I'm Happy Without You" is self-explanatory, a different twist on a breakup song that lyrically recalls "One More Minute" by Weird Al Yankovic.  "1980's," a time capsule piece, made me feel old:

I used to wear a legionnaire's cap with
 34 buttons on the two flaps
 I used to wear my concert jerseys:
 Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Ozzy.
 I used to have a bi-level 
 and bang my head to "Shout at the Devil".
 I used to wear red parachute pants...
"21st Century Love" pokes fun at dating, finding the solution in cyber-dating.  It has a repetitive, droning, half-drunken chorus that last over two minutes.  "Thrift Store" is a Replacements soundalike about love found, lost, and potentially found again.  "Jeannie" is a plea to a woman that could be a Tom Petty song. 

Misery Loves Harmony is filled with irony, humor, and some pretty good songs.  The Vegas Nerve will not get on your nerves.

Brian A. Smith 4/21/2003


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