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  Uprok Mixtape Volume 2
Artist: Various (mixed by DJ Allstar) 
Label: Uprok Records
Time: 23 tracks/73:05 min.

In the midst of yet another genre with talented-yet-trashy artists all over radio airwaves, the roster of Uprok records makes another excellent showing in the Uprok Records Mixtape volume 2. Standing up for quality music with the returning talents of DJ Allstar and the entire Uprok roster, this is a disc that not only competes with but surpasses the secular talent on the hip-hop scene.

Packing a 23-track punch of incredible verse and the best beats Uprok and Allstar could muster, this tape is without a question among the best showing of Christian hip-hop so far this year. Strong showings by the likes of LPG and The Tunnel Rats lend their tried-and-true flavor to the disc, while the talents of Mars Ill, Deepspace Five, and ILL Harmonics bring their own underground hip-hop feel. KJ-52 even checks in with a dose of his trademark humor on track 12, as well as two tracks courtesy of Jurny Big. In addition to these amazing talents, there are appearances by Playdough, Underground Rise, Ralphi, New Breed, Sev Statik, Freddie Bruno, Propaganda, and Peace 586, all weighing in to add their own unique ear-candy to this seventy-odd-minute blend of incredible

At only $4.99, this is an excellent replacement for anyone with a strong collection of the typical raunchy radio hip-hop who is seeking something clean and tight to lend an ear to instead. This mix tape--like its predecessor--is destined to go far in the underground scene, fueling the fire of "good clean fun" in the hip-hop subculture.

Ryan Little  10/26/2003


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