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  Violence & Technology
Artist: Torn Skin
Label: Flaming Fish Music
Time: 11 tracks

Torn Skin has created a full-length CD that is rich and chock full of Post-Industrial technology, and dark melody. With this record, Torn Skin is throwing out radio play all together, nor are they going along with the rules and regulations of Industrial.  

Violence and Technology contains plenty of technological/trance-ish hooks that are intricate, bass heavy, and sparkling with that dark melody. The sound is layered with crunching electric and bass guitars, along with dark, mellow, and sometimes hollered out vocals that speak of violence to self through emotions, thought, and the hope of living life. With plenty of sampling and raspy vocals, kicked together with great guitars and lyrics; what could be better? Torn Skin's latest is for fans of Dark Techno/Trance, Industrial, and 

Len Nash 9/16/2003

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