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  Greatest Hits
Artist: Kathy Troccoli 
Label: Reunion
Length: 14/65:12

Kathy Troccoli, after twenty-plus years of performing contemporary Christian music, has perhaps inevitably issued a greatest hits package.  Everything you would expect to be is here, including “Go Light Your World,” “Stubborn Love” (albeit a new version), and “I Call Him Love.”

If you’re a listener of CCM radio, you will know every one of these songs by heart.  There aren’t any surprises--every song highlights Troccoli’s brassy alto sound.  There are two new versions of songs: “Holy Holy” and “Stubborn Love” have been updated.

The best of the package are radio staples “A Different Road” and “My Life is in Your Hands.”  Some will question the exclusion of “A Baby’s Prayer”--perhaps theological accuracy was a consideration in song selection?

Simply put, if you’re a Troccoli fan, this album is a terrific summation of a long and distinguished career.  This package provides almost everything you would ask for in a concert by Troccoli.

Brian A. Smith 10/8/2003

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