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Artist: Tim Brabender
Label: Independent
Length: 10 Tracks/43:07

Milltown by Tim Brabender is, without a doubt, one of the best-produced local independent albums I have ever heard. Brabender credits Bill Mallonee, Mark Heard, and the Lost Dogs as influences and that is evident both musically and lyrically. All of the songs here are well written and feel good to listen to. Brabender paints a very clear portrait of the rural midwest and is often transparent, dealing with matters of love, work, faith, and music. The album remains focused through roots-rock ballads like "Goin' Home" and rollicking guitar-heavy blues numbers like "These are Those Days." The only thing that really holds this album back is Brabender's voice, which doesn't always sound as strong as it might. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful little album by an ordinary Joe who's got some important things to say.

Darryl A. Armstrong 08/16/03


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