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Offerings II: All I Have to Give
Artist: Third Day 
Label: Essential Records
Length: 12/59:31

Comprised of six live tracks and six studio tracks, Offerings II, as the title suggests, is Third Day's second worship album.  A cynical sort might suggest that this is an attempt to cash in on the current trend in CCM today - after all, didn't Smitty release two worship albums recently?  He did?  Hmm...

This album follows the same formula that Third Day has employed since _Conspiracy No. 5_, by far the best of their albums.  Old favorites "God of Wonders" (featuring Michael Tait of DC Talk) and "Show Me Your Glory" are here, with the predictable response from the partisan crowd. There is a medley that features the Powell standard "Your Love O Lord."  A more interesting choice is their cover of the Rich Mullins classic "Creed." While I much prefer the original, the soaring guitars here in place of Mullins'
hammered dulcimer works fairly well.

Of the new songs,  "May Your Wonders Never Cease" is the best of the lot.  Third Day breaks no new ground here, preferring to settle for what has gained them much fame and presumably, wealth.  Monroe Jones, the hot name in producing currently, does them no favors by failing to push them into new territory.   

Bottom line - if you're a Third Day completist, buy this.  If you really like worship albums, buy this.  If, like me, you are waiting for another album that doesn't sound like their last four, take a pass.

Brian A. Smith 22 April 2003 


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