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  Dawn of a New Day
Artist: Think of 3 
Label: Think of 3
Time: 12 tracks 44mins 39 seconds

On first listen, Think of 3ís Dawn of a New Day is not too impressive; but the listener who perseveres and gives it several more listens may find the project growing on them. I havenít fallen madly in love, just started to take interest.

Think of 3 has a sort of 80s feel, a large helping of progressive rock, a little metal, some cheesy 80s synth and a lot of very cool fret work on the guitar.  All this is reinforced by a very dependable and tight rhythm section.

Think of 3 is more a work in progress than the finished article.  There is certainly talent here and quoting scripture to a musically backing is always a good thing. 

Mark Reid 10/5/2003


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