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  At Your Feet: Songs of Worship
Artist: The Threshing Floor
Times: 12 tracks/48:29 minutes

>From Grace Center Church in Sacramento, California, husband and wife team Steve and Sandi Padilla lead The Threshing Floor for a solid, home grown, yet sincere worship project, _At Your Feet: Songs of Worship_. The band's take on Psalm 56 ("I Will Not Be Afraid") is an excellent introduction, reminiscent of a bare-bones Vineyard worship song, with solid vocals, guitar, bass and drums. The wonderful news about _At Your Feet_ is that each song is compelling, drawing the listener into worship, and that home grown quality does not detract one bit from the quality of the songs' lyrics, which are surprisingly good for a "new" band which has worked hard for over five years to craft this project. Varying from acoustic to pleasant rockers, there isn't one bad song in the bunch, and the closing piece, "Risen," is definitely worth the price of admission. Therefore... here's news for worship leaders from the liner notes: The Threshing Floor encourages you to try these songs at your gathering; there are lead sheets available at the Threshing Floor web site. And for 77's fans: guitarist Michael Roe has some choice licks on five tunes. I hope we will hear more from The Threshing Floor in the very near future; At Your Feet is quite good -- a very pleasant listening and worship experience.

Olin Jenkins 12/2/2002



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