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I Could Sing of Your Love Forever: The Best of Modern Worship
Artist: Various
Label: Worship Together 
Length: 2-disc set, 23 tracks / Disc 1­60:24, Disc 2­61:11

With 8 billion worship albums lining the shelves of Christian book stores today, it’s difficult to decide which one is best for you. The key: familiarity.

Each church, Bible camp, and youth convention tends to accumulate their own distinct mix of popular praise tunes that form the bulk of their sing-along repertoire. The trouble is, these songs often come from a diverse collection of artists, which makes choosing a worship album tough. The fine folks at Worship Together have amassed a super-sized worship offering with their new 2-CD set, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever: The Best of Modern Worship.

As with any compilation disc, it’s nearly impossible to like every track. Still, Worship Together assembles an impressive array of powerful songs performed by the biggest names in modern worship today: Delirious? (“Lord, You Have My Heart,” “Shout To The North”), Matt Redman (“The Heart of Worship,” “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble,” “Shout to the Lord”), SONICFLOOd (“I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever,” “Lord I Lift Your Name On High,” and “Open The Eyes of My Heart”), Charlie Hall (“Agnus Dei,” “Better is One Day” and “You Are Worthy of My Praise”) Fusebox (“Every Move I Make”), and Tim Hughes (“Here I Am To Worship”), among others. The inclusion of live versions of some of these standards brings an added sense of the Spirit they raise within worshippers.

This 2-CD set is a great resource for those seeking a comprehensive collection of moving modern worship songs. There’s enough standard, live praise-style anthems to please middle-of-the-road fans, but not enough to sicken those tired of the same-old-same-old worship sounds. 

Greg Adams 3/18/03



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