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  Closest to Home
Artist; Stacy Beam
Label: Beam Music Group
Length: 12/47:25

Stacy Beam is the latest in a long line of country music artists to come out of Nashville.  His publicity would have you believe he is a cross between Ronnie Milsap and Harry Connick, Jr, going so far as to cover the former's "Back on My Mind Again."

"What God Made Dancin' For" is the celebration of a good mood.  "Lucky Me," which is a Clay Crosse soundalike, is about getting what you ask for, then finding out it isn't what you really wanted in the first place.  "Real Deal" is a song about a wife or fiancee that speaks of the changes in the writer's life, but contains the inexcusable line "you got it all like the Taj Mahal."

"Final Answer" is a tale of a girl and a guy deciding whether or not to take that next step.  The title, naturally, was inspired by "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."  "Closest to Home," "Tough Love," "I Pray for Angels," and "Because You Believed" are the most notably "Christian" songs thematically.

"Silver Wings" is another cover tune, this one originally performed by Merle Haggard.  Stacy Beam is earnest, with a plaintive voice that sometimes resembles that of his heroes, but mostly falls into the category of artists that are not superstars, but are somewhat better than the "American Idol" hopefuls.

Brian A. Smith 10/20/2003


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