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  Mixdown: Side A 
Artist: Various Artists
Label: ForeFront Records
Length: 15 tracks/54:05 minutes

Just when you thought remix albums were gone for at least a short period of time, up pops ForeFront Record’sMixdown: Side A. The difference? This one is done well. Actually, that shouldn’t be said as I found Newsboys Remixed quite enjoyable, but that’s another story.

Mixdown: Side A takes some of Christian Music’s renowned artists and songs and revamps them, compliments of Mookie (the producer). Some of the songs include Out Of Eden’s “Different Now,” tobyMac’s “Somebody’s Watching Me,” Audio Adrenaline’s “Big House,” and Switchfoot’s “New Way To Be Human.” While all of these tracks are revamped, the majority of them still keep the more crucial elements that made them favorites, so if you enjoyed the originals you should still find the remixes fun to listen to.

If you enjoy listening to new renditions of some of your favorite songs (or Dance music for that matter), then definitely consider checking this album out, you should get a good kick out of it for what it’s worth. Even if you are throwing a party, or need some background music for a youth group meeting, this one should get all of the kids’ tapping their feet. 

Really, what it comes down to is nothing can beat the original, regardless of how hard you try. But this was still a well done and enjoyable album nonetheless.

Josh McConnell 3/8/2003



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