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  Ordinary Days
Artist:  Lisa Cerbone
Label:  Little Scrubby Music
Length:  10 tracks, 43:26

Lisa Cerbone's latest album, Ordinary Days, is as delicate and satisfying as any album released in recent memory.  Sounding like a cross between Innocence Mission and Gillian Welch, Cerbone and writer/producer/Red House Painter Mark Kozelek have collected a wonderfully affecting album with meadering melodies and sparse instrumentation.

Throughout the ten songs on Ordinary Days, Cerbone and Kozelek create a mood like a foggy Sunday morning.  The songs are darker, but not dreary; dreamy but not disorganized.  Tracks like "How You Shine" are of folkier substance, with a nice hook, and "Sweep Your Hair From Your Eyes" is a flowing, delicate song of pure beauty.  "Araby," based on a James Joyce work, is just gorgeous.

Cerbone's lyrics don't reveal too much, but give the listener just enough to hold on to in order for the listener to become engaged and involved.  Her vocals are so fragile and fine that one just wishes to sit and look upon her like a crystal figurine.  Mark Kozelek's production isn't leading or heavy handed.  When he does break out the full band for "Ruthless Order," the feel is still restrained.  He knows that any more weight to the song would destroy it.  He doesn't pull you down the path; he merely walks beside you,
experiencing it with you.

Ordinary Days is a fine album in the tradition of the Sundays' lighter fare, or Innocence Mission.  If you are a fan of those bands, this album will be a fine addition to your collection.

Andy Odom 11/5/2003


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