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  Sar Shalom: Breakthrough from the Landof Israel
Artist: Karen Davis
Label: Galilee of the Nations 2009 77797-0023-2
Length: 48 minutes

The voice of Karen Davis soars through "El Gibor Vel Elyon" (Mighty God, Most High) and "From Everlasting" with the strength of conviction. This CD is a collection of messianic songs that are presented clearly and with style. The instrumental "Lord of Breakthroughs," brings to mind an Israeli festival. These 12 selections include "Ana Adonai" (O Lord, Save Us), "Kuma Adonai" (Arise, O Lord), and "Ahalal" (I Will Praise). Karen Davis can only go on and on, upward and upward.

Copyright 2003 Marie Asner

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