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  Something Better
Artist:  Jimmie Bratcher
Label: Self-released
Time: 11 tracks/43:47 minute.

The blues is best known as the medium of misery and complaint.  So, perhaps, it strikes me as unusual to find a Christian artist utilizing this format to express his faith in Jesus Christ. 

Upon closer inspection though, its clear that Bratchers style and approach is more more Eric Clapton than Robert Johnson, so any reservations need not be entertained. Bratcher possesses a dynamic vocal range, skillful guitar hands, and a determination to confess the great things Jesus has done in his life. From the grateful "Your Grace Is Enough" to the celebratory "Ive Been Born Again," Bratcher runs the gamut from heartfelt balladry to R&B to produce a thoroughly inspired (and entertaining) album.

By Kevin Mathews 
26 October 2003


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