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  Hard Music Sampler Jan/Feb 2003
HM Magazine(
Time:16 tracks/63:04

HM Magazine found some really good bands with really good songs , and put together a beautifully mixed sampler with representation of: hardcore , metalcore , metal , emo , punk , alternative , and hard rock. This sampler is one of my favorite compilations of songs. The selling point on this sampler is the interview with xDisciplex A.D. on track 15.

Other favorite tracks are: the Apologetix parody of a Linkin Park song(called "Corinthians"), Haste The Day's song "Substance,", and Winter Solstice's song "Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight." 

All of these bands have a bigger message  and should be respected for that. 

Len Nash 4/13/2003

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