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  A Life God Rewards
Artist: Various Artists
Label: ForeFront Records
Length: 7 tracks/29:46 minutes

This compilation album is a good adult contemporary musical companion for Bruce Wilkinsonís book A Life God Rewards. 

The album is short, with only seven tracks, but the artist lineup is pretty enjoyable with artists such as Sarah Sadler, Plus One, and Geoff Moore.  The sad part is, it looks like most of these artists didnít have anything to do with the lyrical end of things. Do they actually mean what they are singing or did their record labels just tell them they have to do the compilation for marketing reasons? This question does not completely apply to Ray Boltz as he wrote his contribution and originally recorded it years ago. Plus One fans may want to buy this album for their band's contribution of a new song. 

Josh McConnell 1/31/2003



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