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October 2003 Pick of the Month 

Artist: Glass Harp
Label: Special Friends Productions
Tracks: 16/70:38

It has been thirty years since the last time the band known as Glass Harp released a studio album of new material so expectations have been riding high since word came out about a new project. Does the new album live up to those expectations? The answer is yes, yes, in every way, absolutely yes! The three members of the band from Ohio, John Sferra, Daniel Pecchio and Phil Keaggy have done themselves proud. With sixteen brand new songs clocking in at just over seventy minutes, this is an album that should be on everyone's top five list for the year. Sure these guys have gotten together periodically over the years to perform a show here and there but it has been three decades since we have gotten any new material. Oh boy, what material it is. This is such a great album, it just cries to be listened to over and over again.

The disc starts with a tune written by all three guys called "Seven In a Box" which is just so hot it threatens to melt the speakers on any stereo system it comes in contact with. The guys take turns handling the lead vocal chores on various songs throughout the course of the album and each of them does a superb job. The songs vary in style from red hot rock n roll to Beatles influenced ballads. There are no clunkers here; each tune just tends to remind the listener what a fantastic band this is. 

Of the three members of the group, perhaps people will be most familiar with Phil Keaggy because of the sheer output of his solo catalogue. I'll tell you what though, getting back together with John and Daniel has spurred on Phil to write some of the best songs he has composed in many a year. I think that "You Whisper Something" just might be my favorite all time Keaggy song. That said, the other two members of the band have turned in some extraordinary material. "What's In Your Heart" by Dan Pecchio is an absolutely amazing piece of rock n roll, while "I Love All Life", a John Sferra number is just a perfectly constructed song. Now all we have to do is get these guys out of Ohio and on to the road. Put them into some clubs and let them tear the place up. You can check out their web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 9/24/2003


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