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  What are you Waiting for?
Artist: FM Static
Label: Tooth and Nail Records
Time: 11 tracks

No, this isn't a bunch of white noise you would usually hear on those far off, dead, lifeless FM stations. FM Static is a band that is full of energy with really upbeat pop music that has a punk rock drawl. Coming from Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine, two of the members of Thousand Foot Krutch, this new "project" is different from TFK--it sounds like Good Charlotte and Relient K mixed with distinctive vocals. Lyrically, thisCD talks about teenage love and loss mixed with some desperate pleas to God.

For fans of really poppy punk rock and the current repertoire that is king at Tooth and Nail.

Track Listing:
 1. Three Days Later
 2. Crazy Mary
 3. Something To Believe In
 4. Definitely Maybe
 5. Donna
 6. All The Days
 7. Hold Me Twice
 8. The Notion
 9. October
 10. My First Stereo
11. Hey Now

 Len Nash 8/30/2003


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