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  The Dying Art of Life
Artist:  Fighting Jacks
Label: Tooth-and-Nail Records
Time: 12 tracks/47:49 min.

The Lindstrom brothers (Corey and Casey,) along with Mike Wright and Jon Sontag make up the punk-rock foursome the Fighting Jacks.  By far the hardest-hitting band to come out of the South Bay since P.O.D., they signed with Tooth and Nail after about three years on the indie scene.  Their head-nodding drums all too typical of punk-rock,  too-good-to-be-true guitars, and catchy vocal melody, are sure to make their first signed album a breakaway success.  Bringing a style with equal parts Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and Jimmy Eat World, The Dying Art of Life hit shelves on October twenty-first; bringing with it the kind of music that actually makes one think about life in postmodern culture.

Ryan Little  11/22/03.


The Fighting Jacks present their debut disc on Tooth and Nail Records, and third disc as a band, aptly named, The Dying Art of Life.   The new record is a positive lyrical blitzkrieg, musically combining influential bands like Denison Marrs, Foo Fighters, and Sunny Day Real Estate to make it mainstream nu-hardcore heavy with an emo appeal. Think of a lot of Denison Marrs, a punch to the gut from the Foo Fighters, and then Sunny Day Real Estate steps in to break up the fight.  
Seeing The Fighting Jacks play in front of a fairly good crowd at Cornerstone 2003 demonstrated an intense nu-punk backboned live attack. One that would be a bit more intense and raw then their CD.

Len Nash  12/31/2003

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