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  Waves of War
Artist: Flatfoot 56 
Label: Independent
Time: 10 tracks(plus hidden live track)/45:06

Are you a Flatfoot when it comes to dancing, running, or maybe combining the two? Well if you are (or if you're not) there's a great band that anyone can dance to. The name is Flatfoot 56 and they hail out of the south side of.... what was it now?... Ireland?.... Scotland?.... no.... Boston?.... no.... aw yes!... out of the south side of Chicago. Flatfoot 56 is an energetic Punk Rock band with a lead bagpipe player. Playing not only Celtic Punk, yet also playing the other types of Punk Rock music. Punk such as: Pop, Hardcore, Skate, Old School, New School, all flowing together with the bagpipe accented Celtic Punk, and all this on one cd! Some may wonder if this all works and yes it does! It flows so beautifully together that one will hopefully notice its impact on their musical heart. Waves of War flows over a landscape of examples of Punk that holds steady and grab's one's attention--not only musically, also lyrically speaking. The wording on Waves of War is at its core, "battle themed" (revolution, battle, etc.), still it doesn't stick to the battle theme, it also states that we need fellowship, a strong faith in God, and it conveys a hidden seriousness and some joking around. This CD through and through is awesome, every single track. Hidden after "Dueces" (Tenth Track) is a sound clip of one of their goofy moments live. Flatfoot 56 live is quite energetic, funny, and is something to go and see for oneself. Through and through Flatfoot 56 is Punk Rock.

Len Nash 12/8/2003

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