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  Full Gospel Rockabilly
Artist: The Found Cats
Label: Golly Gee Records
Tracks: 15/50:50

With one big exception this is a great album, I'll get to that exception later. Having been born in the late 40's I have grown up listening to rock n roll since its earliest days I can remember watching guys like Bill Haley, Fats Domino and Buddy Holly on TV and loving every minute of it. This album brings back those early days perfectly and adds a sanctified twist to it. There have been few attempts at rockabilly in the Christian music scene. Three notable exceptions were the Lifters, Deluxetone Rockets and the Screamin' Rays. This newest addition to the family just might be the best of the bunch. Although the album was recorded in Lindenhurst, NY there is no indication that is where the guys are from. I hope they are because I would love to see these guys live
tearin' up some smokey little club.

The band consists of Pete Ludovico on drums and vocals, Jeff McLary on guitars and vocals, Tom Hopkins on upright bass and vocals with occasional assistance from Rich Orofino on piano. As the title of the album indicates this is not a CCM album, it is full tilt gospel music done in a style that would make Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three proud. Now for my one and only complaint, the name of the band is a blatant rip off of the Long Island based "Stray Cats". Come on guys, you could have done better than that. Check out 

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 6/8/2003

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