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Artist: Everyone 
Label: Furious? Records 

Furious? Records signed a new band, Everyone, and a couple members of Delirious? helped out with the CD, two promising developments for a band.  Yes, they lean towards the traditional alternative/worship ­ but Everyone has got an amazing style. The band members they contribute a lot; the incredible vocals of Jeff Searles, beautiful harmonies by Daniel Whittington, the powerful lyrics written by Searles, and some co-written with Whittington, and Phil Siems. Each song makes the listener pause and just listen for the instruments or vocals, or the words that are sung. 

Although the initial style label is alternative, Everyone would also very much fit under ‘worship.’ Whether that was the intention or not, this CD is a fantastic example of this genre. The lyrics are truthful, endearing, convicting, causing one to reflect with awe and love for Christ. They wonderfully reflect a heart of praise and worship.

The songs range in styles and tempos. Some have a harder edge with full band, while some are ballads with just acoustic guitars and vocals. It’s a great mix, keeping interest from start to finish.

It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite tune. They are all unique, but they’ve all got a draw to them that makes each one sound like an instant hit.

This is an exceptional CD. Its musical accomplishments are fantastic, the production is great ­ and the message is the greatest. 

Jessica Heikoop 6/8/2003


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