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  Third Circle
Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Label: Blue Renaissance / Grassroots Music
URL: /
Length: 17 tracks / 60:16

You’ve heard Enter the Worship Circle magic, you probably just don’t know it. Songs from the independent acoustic worship series (featuring 100 Portraits and members of Waterdeep) have been recorded by the likes of Third Day and Salvador. While the exposure through other artists is great for Enter the Worship Circle, fans of songs such as “You Are So Good to Me” and “I Will Not Forget You” would do well to step into the original circle to experience the powerful percussion, Bible-borrowed lyrics and Spirit-saturated atmosphere of all three Enter the Worship Circle recordings.

The songs on Third Circle, as with the previous recordings, are beautifully raw. Gather a group of talented songwriters, a Bible, some acoustic guitars, dulcimers, accordions, and sundry international drums / everything-including-the-kitchen-sink percussion, soak the room in prayer, and, I promise you, something incredible will happen.

Third Circle captures some awesome energetic moments (“Wait on the Lord” [Psalm 27], “You Are My God” [Psalm 45]), private conversational prayers (“How You Forgive Me” [Psalm 130], “Continue” [Psalm 36]) and communal worship (“God is Good” [Psalm 116], “Together” [Ephesians 4]) shared among the musicians with God, and with the listener, who all become equally impassioned elements of the Worship Circle.

Greg Adams 12/30/03


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