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  The Weak's End
Artist:  Emery
Label: Tooth-and-Nail Records
Time: 10 tracks/40:51 min.

South Carolina's own Emery is one new band that actually answers the question "what is emo?"  Toby, Matt, Joel, Seth, Devin and Josh bring their own form of melodic post-punk hardcore to the increasingly confusing scene of bands claiming to be playing "emo" music.  So what is emo exactly?

Loosely defined it's simply emotional music, but what emotion might this be?  From loneliness to anger; the entire spectrum of human emotion is expressed in music of any kind.  What is the emotion most often found in emo music?  Passion.  Passion for music, passion for memories, passion for God; this is what sets emo apart from all other forms of music.  With so many bands which are borderline lethargic about the music they play and the message they represent, bands like Emery which are truly
passionate are to be considered "emo."

Musically defined, "emo" is quite simply pop-rock and punk rock put in a blender and recorded.  Some emo may have a strong hardcore/heavy-metal influence; thus the name "emo-screamo."  But, be it mixed with punk rock or hardcore, it is the pop-rock melodies and harmonies being so thoroughly interspersed which make emo so addictive and unique as a style of music.

Emery is one such band, with their debut album The Weak's End (Coming out on Tooth and Nail this January twenty-seventh,) bringing a completely unique style.  Stripped to essentials, it carries traces of Beloved and Taking Back Sunday, with lyrical stylings Ala Dead Poetic, and a keyboardist bearing a striking resemblance to Underoath.  These elements combined with a strong Christian faith, all serve to make a sizable piece of ear-candy for all.

Ryan Little 11/22/03.


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