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  The Collected Archives
Artist: David Edwards
Label: Blind Records
Tracks: Disc One: 19/60:48
            Disc Two: 15/57:12

This package contains David's first two releases plus eleven bonus tracks, thirty four songs all told. His debut album was released in 1981 and was followed by his sophomore release,_Get the Picture_ in 1983. This was just when CCM was actually starting to get adventurous. Daniel Amos was releasing the Alarma Chronicles and Exit Records was making an impact with such artists such as Vector, Charlie Peacock and the 77's. Listening to these songs again twenty years later it is interesting remembering the
excitement that I felt upon first hearing them. That feeling is still there even now, these songs although a few of them are somewhat dated still have that energy which made these albums great to listen to in the first place. With all of the music that is available now in the CCM marketplace it is difficult to explain to someone who wasn't there just how important these recording were at the time of their release. These albums were and are for that matter first rate butt kicking rock n roll.

All told Edwards released three albums back in the day, the third was a concept album whose songs were based on classic literature and featured a string ensemble. After that, he basically disappeared from the scene reappearing a few years ago with a Christmas album. If early eighties new wave rock is your thing than by all means pick this package up. Even if it isn't pick it up anyway, there is too little sense of history in the Christian rock market. Forget about the newest 13 year old girl singer for a minute and take a trip into the past, it is well worth the effort. Thanks for the memories, now how about something new to teach these young whipper snappers how it's done. Check out his web site at 

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock  4/16/2003

, it's a double disc set.

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