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  We (E.P.)
Artist: D.W. Dunphy 
Contact: (
Label: Secret Decoder Records
Length: 6/25:47

D.W. Dunphy takes the indie road less traveled on _We_, a six song suite of what he calls "alone in the valley" music.  It is at times a sardonic, yet hopeful trip that Dunphy wishes us to take.

"Reciting" features an understated, lo fi vocal in the manner of Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits). "Chance" is a plaintive, piano, lower key composition.  The standout here is "Nov. 1963," which is Dunphy's opus concerning the John F. Kennedy assassination.  It is performed and written in such a way as to be a companion piece to U2's "Pride (in the Name of Love)."

Dunphy questions the truths of everyday life, letting it be known that in times of trial, those truths can seem to let us down.  The title is no coincidence - just remove the punctuation.

Brian A. Smith  11 May 2003

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