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  Both the Dum, the Dog and the Run
Artist: Dum Dog Run
Label: Independent 
Tracks: 12/38:22

If you are looking for girly rock with lush orchestrations and synthesized music beds then by all means look somewhere else. What you are going to hear with the premiere disc from Dum Dog Run is manly rock 'n' roll for manly men. Men who like to feel the wind blowing through their beards and hair as they cruise down the highway on the back of their hogs. Music for men who like their steaks well done, who would rather not eat at all than eat a quiche. Men who like crunchy guitar riffs, throbbing bass lines, and drum fills that echo in the pit of your stomach for days after your done listening to this most magnificent of art forms, rock 'n' roll. By the way women who frequent the company of manly men will love this album.

This is a band who is not afraid to tackle the real issues of day to day life with such songs as "Psycho Girlfriend," "Mullet," or "Jennifer Anniston." Classic tunes waiting to be discovered by you, the discerning listener. But just who is Dum Dog Run? Media types who were invited to the cd release party have been sworn to a pact of silence. Yet there are rumors seeping through the veil of secrecy, rumors, speculation, and innuendo follow this band at every turn. Who is Dum Dog Run? The cd credits list the band members as: Ivan Dum on guitars and vocals, Mickey "Run" Ryan on bass, and Kyle"Dog" Johnson on drums. It has been said that Ivan is none other than the oldest son of Blind Bobby Bottle Neck Boyd of that incredible early 70's jam band, "Asparagus Root." Any one old enough to have seen any of the incredible shows that the "Root" did at the Academy of Music remember emerging from the darkened smoke filled hall in the wee hours of the morning talking of the amazing music that they had just experienced. The few live performances that the Dog has done have garnered similar reactions. A highly anticipated main stage appearance had to be cancelled because of weather leaving literally thousands of festival goers wondering what they had missed. Ah, what indeed, because of Ivan's tendency toward stage fright we can only wonder whether a full blown tour will ever occur. Imagine the awesome experience of seeing father and son on stage together trading licks. We can only hope that these guys don't turn into a studio only group, the disc is awesome, how much better would a string of live gigs be.

The band has been taken under wing by mega superstar, Rick Altizer and the disc can be found through his web site at Check it out 

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock  8/31/2003

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