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  So Much For Substitutes 
Artist: Downhere
Label: Warner Bros. Christian
Length: 12 tracks/55:54 minutes

The Canadian foursome made up of Marc Martel, Jason Germain, Jeremy Thiessen, and Glenn Lavender (better known as Downhere) is back with their sophomore release titled So Much For Substitutes, and in it they take an interesting turn with their sound. Departing from their more Adult Contemporary sound on their debut album, they decided to put a twist on their music going more towards a rockier edge for this musical endeavor. Some may be disappointed, but I think more people will be happier.

So Much For Substitutes consists of eleven tracks (and one bonus song) full of addicting musical hooks from their rockier tracks such as “What It’s Like” and “Breaking Me Down” to even their ballads such as “Illiad” and “In America.” It’s just a great listen from start to finish.

But even with the great music, another plus with this album is the lyrical content. Some of the lyrics are very enjoyable and well written by the different members of the band, discussing topics from God’s love and living a transparent life in front of the non-Christians to depression and loneliness. So you get a mix of both sides of the lyrical content, lyrics singing about/to God and then the issues even Christian’s might struggle with in at least one point of their life.

Now while Martel does the majority of the writing of the lyrics on the album, Germain does come in and write a couple songs of his own. Which also brings me to another excellent aspect about the band, both Martel and Germain share singing lead locals. So not only are you getting great music and great lyrics, but you also have two talented lead singers through out the [almost] hour journey.

So Much For Substitutes hits store shelves June 10th, 2003, and it’s one to definitely check out. It provides you with an awesome experience--you will get more attached to as you listen gain and again. I’ve been listening to it multiple times a day since I received it, and I’m continuing to find new elements of the album that I enjoy. 

The guys in Downhere have really done it this time; one can only imagine what they will do for their next album to top this one. I foresee this as being easily one of the best albums of the year, so check it out and enjoy.

Josh McConnell 5/26/2003


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