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Artist: Dogwood
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Length: 12 tracks/33:15 minutes

After a couple years absence, Dogwood is back with the release of their latest album Seismic. If you are a fan of their previous work, then youíll no doubt dig their latest effort.

Seismic is done fairly well both musically and lyrically from start to finish of its 33 minute run. But letís be honest, if you arenít a fan of hardcore music then none of this will apply to you because thatís pretty much what this album is. Even though there are a few tracks where there are elements of singing, itís really yelling the majority of the time.

Sure, it would be interesting to see them experiment by just putting out a rock album, as I can see it doing well. But after expressing the aforementioned facts, it should be mentioned that this is easily one of the best (and enjoyable) albums of the genre. Consider checking it out if, again, you like the genre. You should find it quite enjoyable.

Josh McConnell  3/8/2003

Tooth and Nailís hardest working punk band Dogwood is back with their fourth release on the label. Seismic features two new members and a dozen new songs. Dogwood evokes skate punk references such as Pennywise and NOFX. They play new school punk rock written in minor keys with scratchy vocals, lots of octave parts on the guitar and shotgun drums.  Seismic has its ups and its downs. The first three tracks rock out, especially track three ďConscience in a Cave,Ē which has a killer guitar riff. But after that only three of the last nine tracks have any vocal hooks.   Seismic is a decent album, but it doesnít break any new ground. There are half a dozen good songs on it, but itís not Dogwoodís best to date. 

Matt Modrich 6/8/2003



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