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  Come Into My Life
Artist: The Digital Missionary 
Label: Mission USA Records
Length: 13/

After reading the bio and finding out that Gene Fitzjerrell crafted this project to raise funds for Mission USA, an organization that ministers to gamg members in the Chicago area, I was really hoping to write a positive review of Come Into My Life.  I myself have worked with former gang members in an effort to break the cycles of violence, drugs and abuse that same to have taken root in the inner cities.

However, being a critic means not always getting what you want.  Come Into My Life is a synthesizer and computer programming exercise that anyone skilled with Somic Foundry, Pro Tools, and a personal computer could put together. Granted, it is well crafted, but is it music?

The only track that stood out to me was "Face to Face," which has an Oriental/Indian feel to it. All others here were of the disco remix, loopy, pre-programmed variety.  Fitzjarrell says that he will playing at Cornerstone this summer.  Unless I am completely wrong about this, I am curious to know just what that "Playing" entails.

In short, support the ministry of Mission USA - they do great work in a very challenging environment with a lot of obstacles against them.  But send them a check rather than huying this album, unless you are a fan of this style.

Brian A. Smith  11 May 2003


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