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  The Between E.P.
Artist: Dizmas 
Label: Independent
Time: 3 tracks/10:04

.....I'm still amazed at how many people still don't know about this band. Dizmas is a type of band that classifies themselves as, "hard music with a message". Amazing live and was one of my highlights at Sonshine Festival 2002. Hailing from Lancaster, California and having released mediocre, but well received releases previously, The Between E.P. is a step forward in showing that they belong. Strong, powerful lyrics, with sounds of some of the Juliana Theory's best old works, and plenty of the Foo
Fighters attitude. I'm only disappointed they only sent me three out of five of their songs off of Between, but three songs gives enough of a feel for the whole album. If you ever see these guys, talk to them, they are nice and flowing with energy and very humorous. I've heard rumors of good sized record labels looking at them, so get this cd and find out the reason why.  

Len Nash


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