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  Taking the Good with the Bad
Label:Indie Vision Music
Time:10 tracks/29:27

Indie Vision Music signed Dismissed as their first release for good reason; Dismissed is a good sounding band, small, yet established, with an indie feel. Dismissed has an indie rock feel with a strong melodic hardcore punk beat. Think of Thursday, if they were a little bit more daring with their hardcore; or Dead Poetic, if they were a punk band; or Further Seems Forever, if they added hardcore into the mix; and TwoThirtyEight mixed throughtout. Some suggestive songs are "Consider This"  that talks about suicide and the lies of it  "Self-Impression"  which talks of giving up and the shame in it  "Hard Day" and "Installed in Stone" these two songs talk about how they'd be alone without you(the lord), and " Taking the good with the bad"  which is the title track , which sounds like an acoustic version of Incubus  but it talks about how a person can make ends meet and make it in a relationship brought together by God.

By: Len Nash 4/30/2003


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