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  Back Again
Artist: Disciple 
Label: Independent (Slain Records)
Time: 13 tracks/47:02

Disciple is one band that will never grow old. Each of their CDs is an advancement in musicianship and spirituality. While This Might Sting a Little_ was good ear candy and By God very spiritual, this CD surpasses both of them with the intensity of metal bands like Bride and Tourniquet and the romping rap rock of Pillar. This CD brings the Christian hard music scene back to nice musicianship and thoughtful, unashamed lyrical content. There is plenty to like. Its heaviness, its rap rock, the blending of different forms, or the straight out Christian/biblical lyrics will surely appeal to everyone. This is the band other Christian bands should emulate. If you're sick of the abuse of the Christian market by faith based bands, then this is a breath of fresh air. Also if you have a chance to see them live, find any way possible to get there; it's a great show. You won't be disappointed. 

Len Nash 5/26/2003


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