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Worship Extreme
artist: Various
Label: Devotion Music
Length: 13 tracks / 47:45

“Worship” and “Extreme” are two words too easily tossed about these days. EVERYONE wants to produce a worship album, and EVERYTHING is going extreme—even Mountain Dew went “Code Red,” extreme upon extreme. Devotion Music offers its own version of “Worship Extreme” on this new compilation, which, despite a few outstanding tracks, doesn’t really even get above the side rails of the half-pipe, let alone “extreme.”

Worship Extreme features a couple remakes of popular worship songs, “Open the Eyes of My Heart” (recorded by DW) and “God of Wonders” (recorded by NeverLost), but neither is impressive enough to outshine versions captured by SonicFlood and Third Day / Caedmon’s Call (City on a Hill 1).

The standout tracks on this collection are Pillar’s “Open Your Eyes” (a powerful, tasty guitar-driven groove), Foldzan’s “King Planet” (BIG sounds from this well-respected band) and Justifide’s “Why” (nice musical moments in-between solid walls of sound). A less extreme but still impressive track from Cal Logic, “Thankful For the Mic Chord,” which lays down rapid-fire, articulate rap praise, rounds out the “keepers” on this album.

The rest of the songs fall along a familiar line of radio-friendly rock and watered-down punk, begging the question, “If this is extreme, how much LESS extreme can you get?”

Greg Adams 1/31/03

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