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  Nephilim(Act of God:1)
Artist: Stu Dent
Label: Illect Recordings(
Time: 14 tracks

Stu Dent, from Deepspace 5, releases Nephilim(Act of God:1) on a newer hip-hop label, Illect Recordings. Laying down the beats, the sampling, the intros, and a generally harder edged hip-hop sound. Hip-hop, straight to the point, honest, and a sufficient amount of beats added. The thing that makes this so straight-up and to the point is this, its lyrics talk about past "mistakes(or sins)" and tells of a place that one should be, with God. The honesty that God is good may or may not make it easier to stomach for a hip-hop culture that is ripped apart with a few(heck a lot!) of negative points (drugs, abuse of sex, greed, etc.). The lyrics are clearly stated, as is the beats and the layered hip-hop sound. Representing the new hip-hop, yet not cheesing out and sticking to the older hip-hop layering. One thing is for sure, the Christian Hip-Hop culture is on the rise. This cd is just one of the many starting blocks. To hear a Christian Hip-Hop group for the future is to hear Deepspace 5, and Stu Dent is an essential part of that such group.

Len Nash  12/14/2003


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