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  Access D:
Artist: Delirious 
Label: Furious

Delirious is one of the most popular worship bands in the world. Access D: is their second live album in their ever-growing discography. 

Access D: is like a greatest hits live double disc with 20 Delirious favorites and six improvised songs. The songs would seem recycled, but Delirious freshens them up with new arrangements and slick improvised guitar licks.

The best thing about Access D: is that it captures the feel of a real live record. The band is tight and the fans sing along. Martin Smith even bursts into Spanish on “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”; it’s anything but listening to their previous albums.  There are many highlights along the way like the punk version of “Happy Song,” the country version of “King of Fools” and the nearly two-minute guitar solo on “Investigate.” The only down-point may be the misnomer that Access D: is a worship album. It is much more of a rock album, which varies from the band’s earlier work even though the lyrical content is clearly just as spiritual.  

Access D: is a must-have for diehard Delirious fans. However, for the newer listener the purchase is optional.

Matt Modrich 6/8/2003


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