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  The Lathe of Heaven
Artist: Dream into Dust  
Label: CHTHONIC Streams
Time: 11 Tracks   52:09

Welcome to the industrial age. The industrial/experimental genre allows bands and musicians to really open up the creative valve. Dream into Dust has done just that with their latest release entitled The Lathe of Heaven. The physically played music has been laced with samples and random recorded sounds. The feel of the album is mellow and mysterious, with well blended vocals by Derek Rush. Experimental guitarist Bryin Dall can be heard yet is sometimes unrecognizable as he uses his odd methods to “coax bizarre sounds from his unusual gear.”

The second track “Disconnected” displays the addition of Eddy Malave on viola/violin that gives the song a building up to something sensation. “Black Ice” is an example of the band getting carried away with the samples and electronic sound. Some of the styles and vocals throughout the album can be compared to that of Stabbing Westward. The whole album flows together well from song to song and never seems to drift away from the style and sound the band was striving for. The best words to describe this album are dark and mellow, with a hint of fantasy.

The Lathe of Heaven is a very artistic and creative compilation of sound and music. The themes of dreams and reality can be closely related to the novel by Ursula K. Leguin and the 1980 film adaptation of The Lathe of Heaven. It must be noted that the album is not a soundtrack to the film. So sit back and relax as Dream into Dust introduces the senses to a battle of dream versus reality, an exciting journey into the unknown.

Eric Stephens 12/31/2003

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