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  Xmas Murder '74
Artist: DC to Daylight 
Label: Urban Cheese Records
Length: 6/20:05

Fans of early 90's rock will appreciate DC to Daylight.  Their 6 song EP, _Xmas Murder '74_, is full of driving guitar hooks, bass and drums, highlighted by Warren Hauff's angst-ridden vocals.  "Just a Joke" is a Seattle throwback, mixing The Pixies with Nirvana.  "Like a Man" features a Breeders-like bass line.

"Brand New Satellite" could be a Toadies outtake, and "My Way to Hell" veers into Mighty Mighty Bosstones territory, with a ska guitar and drum beat.  The EP features some bonuses: videos for "Like a Man" and "My Way to Hell" are here, and the band's humor shows on "Intermission," which is basically a radio or concert intro for the band.

If you're in the mood for a little grunge, or need to rock out for a while, this may be your cup of tea.

Brian A. Smith 11 May 2003


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